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DJI Inspire | DJI Phantom 3A

1705 29th Ave Suite 3, Greeley 80634

Ready for take off - Part 107 Remote Pilots & 333 Exemption with COA's cleared for flight!

We pride ourselves by following high standards of safety and compliance with FAA rules and regulations, ensuring your project will meet the government standards. We have 107 pilots and 333 approved pilots to handle various flight mission needs.

Whether you need a effective sales video for your website, video content for your blog or social media, we’ll get you a spectacular marketing video that moves viewers from prospect to closed deals.

At Colorado Aerial Images, you can expect amazing aerial shots at an affordable rate. Our entry level packages are seen here and are designed to deliver your aerial needs quickly.

By Appointment Only. For local Colorado call Matt or George

Serving Colorado and Surrounding States. Located in Greeley Colorado

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Phone: 970-590-4845