NASA To Send a Dronecopter to Mars in 2020

Currently scheduled to launch in July 2020, The Mars Helicopter developed by NASA is a small autonomous rotorcraft, it’s mission will be to demonstrate the viability and potential of heavier-than-air vehicles on the red planet. “NASA has a proud history of firsts,”...

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Drone Time-Lapse Photography

A time-lapse movie or video is one that speeds up real-time footage so that the viewer can quickly see what has happened. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first is to take a long video and compress it in postproduction so that you show what happened over an...

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Drone Delivery – Is It A Good Idea?

You’ve likely heard a lot of talk about using drones to deliver everything from blood to seeds. But is it actually a good idea? Today we take a look at some of the pros and cons of this new industry and try and see if it’s really worth it. The company Zipline...

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Drones Can Provide Cell Phone Service

How drones can provide cell phone service following extreme weather and disasters… Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Blizzards. Earthquakes. Mother Nature can strike at any moment, leaving behind a path of destruction. If severe weather strikes, power and communication services...

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