MIT Engineers Build VR System to Train Racer Drones

Read more at: Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a virtual reality environment to train drones to fly fast around obstacles. Dubbed “Flight Goggles,” the software causes drones to “see” virtual obstacles in...

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Naval Research Drones Shines in Solar Research

Alta Devices has a new place in the sun after garnering a contract from the Naval Research Laboratory for delivering light-weight solar drone technology. Alta’s Hybrid Tiger program will integrate research into a single drone system designed for long range endurance....

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Drone Time-Lapse Photography

A time-lapse movie or video is one that speeds up real-time footage so that the viewer can quickly see what has happened. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first is to take a long video and compress it in postproduction so that you show what happened over an...

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